Monday, February 3, 2014

Fat Biking And Burning

From Franklin Island we had to deviate from a convenient snowmobile trail and continue on our own, adamant about completing our original plan on fat biking to Red Rock. It was quite a workout, a mix of fat biking and burning. We were able to bike for short stretches over frozen snowdrifts before becoming mired down in soft spots however we pressed and pushed on, and finally arrived at our destination.

Fat Bike To Red Rock

We were excited at the prospect of fat biking to Red Rock but our excitement turned to disappointment when we arrived at Snug Harbour and learned how much conditions had changed from our previous visit a week earlier. The ice over the bay, formerly exposed, was now covered with snow deep enough to make biking a struggle however we vowed to press on. We were grateful to the snowmobilers who left us with a compact trail to follow to Franklin Island.